Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide a specialized ‘auction’ or ‘buy it now’ e-commerce platform where members can sell or purchase items online based on location. Driven by local community interests and needs, along with the added benefits of lower seller fees and opportunities to earn commission as administrators, our approach will serve as an innovative stress-free alternative to other online venues. Based on transparency, trust, and flexibility, Klubmart is the exciting new face of online marketplaces!


We envision that our online marketplace will generate dependable buyer/seller fulfillment; that it will strengthen community bonds; and that our business model will serve as a national benchmark of innovation in the online market business segment. 



  • Community – Buyers and sellers are able to participate in the only auction system that is locally driven.
  • Trust – We designed our system to serve as a dependable and trusted resource for online buying and selling, one that is strengthened by our commitment to foster positive relationships between buyers and sellers.
  • Transparency – One of our primary goals is to always maintain transparency in our communications and processes so that our members can be confident in their transactions.
  • Entrepreneurism – We believe that entrepreneurial spirit is one of the drivers of economic stability, and with that in mind, we have included the opportunity for new entrepreneurs to ‘test the waters’ and build their brand while earning substantial incomes.
  • Communication – Buyers and sellers can chat with each other in ‘real time’ so that all questions and concerned are addressed before placing a bid or proceeding with a ‘buy it now’ purchase.
  • Expediency – Buyers have the option of picking up their purchase or auction items the same day!
  • Service Excellence – Positive experiences drive our success. We are constantly thinking of new ways to improve our platform. We welcome feedback because all comments feed our effort to reach new heights of excellence.