The Klubmart Story

 Klubmart® - Where People Go To Take Back Control Of Life


Life happens when you least expect it. Unexpected moments can be a pleasant surprise but nothing can fully prepare you for the moments when things don’t go as planned. The Klubmart story began with one of those unexpected twists.


After moving up the corporate ranks, I suddenly and shockingly found myself without a job one day. Along with the financial stress and burdens that followed came a lot of soul searching.


 It was while sorting through my garage to sell unused items that the idea for Klubmart was born. I thought, what if an entire platform was devoted to helping others build their own local auction communities where an average person could build an ecommerce business or simply auction off unwanted items right from their homes?


That question led to what has become the platform called— Klubmart® Welcome to the auction and marketplace where members build the communities to buy & sell using my patent pending system.


Get ready, it's time to take control of your life!


Thank you for your interest in my story. 

I truly hope each and every one of you can benefit your lives here on Klubmart.